Drone management that covers all the bases

The enterprise solution for effective control and compliance of drone operations

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Dronesafe enterprise solution

Enterprise-Wide Coverage

Dronesafe® smooths the way for reliable and effective management of your airspace

With Dronesafe®, your organisation has the tools to manage all of its drone flights and operations with confidence. Rest easy knowing that every flight will be conducted in a manner that is safe, secure and compliant.  Follow industry best practice and stay ahead of regulator concerns.

Risk Minimisation

Risk management is a critical to the successful adoption of drone technology. Dronesafe® provides a suite of safety management functionality covering the aircraft themselves, pilot certifications, flight management and audit.

Systemic Approach

‘Out of the box’, Dronesafe® provides structured and consistent step-by-step pre- and post-flight checklists while also providing a complete audit trail of all flights. Manage multiple pilots and multiple aircraft with ease and transparency.

Compliance Assured

Drone use often raises concerns amongst regulators and the public in areas such as safety, privacy and public nuisance. With Dronesafe® you can ensure you are flying safely and have evidence – in the field – to support this.

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The Complete Solution

Dronesafe® meets the challenge of managing drone operations across multiple sites

No matter how widely spread your enterprise, Dronesafe® has your management needs covered: from the office to the field. Straightforward but comprehensive controls give both managers and operators the functionality they need for safety and control.

Dronesafe Mobile Access

Mobile Access

The Dronesafe® tablet app (available for iOS, Android and Windows tablet devices) replaces paper-based flight recording in the field while also providing significant additional functionality.

Flight restrictions can be checked prior to flight and insurance details verified. Pilot licensing and operator accreditation can be recorded along with flight plans and other job details. Pilots can conduct step-by-step pre- and post-flight checks customised to the drone platform being used and any specific organisation requirements. All recorded information provides an electronic audit trail of compliance with CASA regulations.

Administrative Dashboard

The Dronesafe® dashboard provides an overview of all drone operations, whether of your own aircraft or those conducted by contractors. Multiple drones, multiple pilots and multiple locations are all supported and can all be managed centrally. Manage licences and certificates, drone fleet, insurance and much more from within the one application.

The dashboard is browser based so can be securely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. No PC-based application is required.

Dronesafe Cloud Storage & API

Cloud Storage & API

With data stored securely in the cloud in a single enterprise database, flight records can be accessed in real time and backed up instantly. No waiting for pilots to return to base or for data entry on paper forms. However, where organisational requirements preclude cloud storage, Dronesafe® has the flexibility to support decentralised operation.

The Dronesafe® API provides potential for integration with existing drone control platforms and with enterprise software.

Can you afford to operate without Dronesafe® ?

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