Complete Drone Management Solution

End to end management for corporate drone operations

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Comprehensive & Complete

Management tools for everyone, from the field to the office

Dronesafe® has been designed as a complete system, providing the tools and functionality needed by pilots, management and external users.

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Enterprise Solution

The drone management solution that will scale with your demand

Your organisation might start out with a small number of drones, but as the potential of these new tools is realised, the number of aircraft and operators will inevitably grow. Dronesafe® is built to scale with that growth – and to support future advances in drone technology.

Central database

Dronesafe® installations operate on a single cloud-based database. Field data is collected centrally providing effortless organisation-wide reporting – in real time if desired and where internet connectivity is available.

Enterprise scale

Whether self-contained or integrated into your ERP, data can be instantly shared across your organisation, no matter how large. Dronesafe® supports an unlimited number of aircraft and pilots so will grow as your use of drones grows.

Industry best practice

Dronesafe® allows your organisation to follow industry best practice (modelled on ISO standards) in the safe management of all your drone activities. Minimise risk and protect your organisation’s interests.

Flexible and future proof

With wide ranging customisation available, Dronesafe® supports all major drone platforms and even multiple platforms in a single installation. This flexibility will also allow the support of future drone technologies.

A Complete Workflow

Dronesafe® is not just software.
It’s an end-to-end system

In developing Dronesafe® we’ve considered every aspect of day-to-day drone management, from flight preparation through to compliance auditing, from fleet management through to pilot accreditation. And we’ve provided the capacity to access the software where it’s needed, both in the field and in the office.

Mobile apps

The Dronesafe® tablet app (available for Apple iOS and Android devices) enables on-site, step-by-step processes for pre- and post-flight checks, airspace verification, battery management and much more.

Real-time compliance

The structured process built into Dronesafe® ensures all compliance requirements will be met every time. Pilots must confirm their own certification, the readiness of their aircraft and the legality of their flight plan … before take off.

Instant reporting

Forget last-minute searches for paperwork. Dronesafe® collects flight data – including evidence of compliance – in real time. Audit and report on flight history – to CASA requirements – at the click of a button.

Contractor support

With the ability for decentralised operation, contract drone operators can work within your Dronesafe® platform – and your control and compliance requirements – without having access to sensitive company networks.

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Safety, security, peace of mind

Dronesafe® brings professionalism to your drone operations

Dronesafe® has been designed to remove the ‘ad hoc’ from your drone operations. Move beyond an unregulated environment and operate comfortable in the knowledge that every drone flight in your organisation’s name is ‘by the book’.

Risk Management

Drone use comes with inherent risks to personnel and property. Safety is paramount. Dronesafe® provides the system and tools needed to monitor and minimise those risks both in the field and in the office.


Don’t leave your organisation open to time-consuming and stressful prosecution by aviation regulators. Dronesafe® provides the software and supporting systems to ensure that every flight addresses regulator concerns – and can prove it.


When everyone thinks they are a drone pilot, it’s easy to lose control. Dronesafe® gives that control back. It’s simple: no one operates a drone on your property unless they’re using Dronesafe ® . When they do, you’ll know you’re in charge.

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Data Security

Dronesafe® provides data security to international standards

Dronesafe® data is securely stored in a purposebuilt data centre located in Melbourne, Australia, compliant with ISO 27001 (formally known as ISO/IEC 27001:2005). ISO 27001 is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes.


Can you afford to operate without Dronesafe® ?

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